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Occupation Details

Architectural Assistant/Architectural Executive

Occupation Vitals

As an Architectural Assistant, you will support architects in the design of a project and work closely with engineers and contractors on site to ensure that construction work is in line with the design intent.

Nature of the Work

This is the learning phase of an architect’s career when he/she works alongside experienced architects on real-life projects and understands the workings of the industry.

The role of an Architectural Assistant includes:
•Assisting in the preparation of design proposals to be presented to the client
•Interpreting the design concepts and translating them into workable solutions
•Producing detailed drawings and preparing planning applications
•Participating in the negotiations with contractors and other professionals
•Coordinating the work of contractors
•Visiting the site to check on progress and effectively resolving conflicts
•Carrying out defect inspections.

Working Conditions

An Architectural Assistant usually works normal hours but may be required to work longer hours during key phases of the project. Architectural Assistants should be able to work with minimal supervision. Site visits, where it is imperative to wear protective gear, will be a common phenomenon.

Qualifications, Training and Advancement

- Architecture

After a basic degree in Architecture from a university recognised by the Board of Architects, Architectural Assistants must train within a registered architectural firm for at least 2 years, after which they will be required to obtain the professional certification from the Singapore Institute of Architects. This entitles them to use the title of ‘Architect’.

The career path for Architectural Assistants will vary depending on the size of the firm. Larger firms have refined specialist roles when compared to smaller ones where an Architectural Assistant may perform multiple roles.

The typical career path for an Architectural Assistant will be:

Architectural Assistant->Architect->Senior Architect->Associate->Associate Director->Director/MD/CEO

Personal Characteristics and Core Competencies

A keen interest in buildings and their uses, an open mind and a willingness to learn will be crucial in helping an Architectural Assistant develop his or her skills.

An Architectural Assistant should possess the following:

•Strong passion and flair for design
•Ability to visualise ideas in 3D
•Methodical, logical and analytical approach to problem solving
•Computer CAD Skills
•Ability to work under pressure and accept criticism
•Awareness of the social and environmental impact of work done

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Architectural Assistants has been very good over the last two years. While this frenzied demand of the boom years will abate, there will still be a reasonable demand for Architectural Assistants to work on projects that are in the pipeline.


Architectural assistants can expect to earn salaries in the range of $3000 – $4600/- per month.


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